Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - September 10, 2008

This is late, because I was in Vegas with no Internet and a whole lot of work to do during the retailer conference. Some good info there, though. Anyway, what I've read this week:

BPRD The Warning #3 (Davis's artwork is just stunning... and the story continues to unfold in exciting directions. This is one of my absolute favorite titles)
Secret Invasion X-Men #2 (Shockingly good for a crossover tie-in, this is the new military style X-Men at their best, with plenty of action, character development and surprising attention to obscure continuity)
Dynamo 5 #16 (The new team is a lot of fun, the ongoing story of the team's disbanding is interesting and the art continues to shine... probably the best independent superhero book out there, and yes, I include Invincible in that list)
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #4 (This series started off strong and hasn't let up... nice reunion with some of the Forge of War characters)
Star Wars Clone Wars #1 (Fun, nice art, great action... as always, the comics kick the crap out of the actual movies they are based on)

Big Hero 6 #1 (Love Nakayama's art, have a fondness for the team, disappointed that Claremont is writing it)
Blood Bowl #3 (Sort of a weird book, but fun)
Booster Gold #12 (Nice Bat-time travel interlude by Dixon)
Civil War House Of M #1 (Solid. Not as good as House of M Avengers yet, but a solid start)
Criminal 2 #5 (Hmm... noir-y. Digging this latest arc quite a bit)
Damned Prodigal Sons #3 (Long delay until we got to the end... and it's another cliffhanger ending. Love the book, would love it more if it were a monthly ongoing)
Dugout GN (Baseball and crime... what's not to love?)
Gen 13 #22 (Still digging the post-apocalyptic Wildstorm universe)
Invincible #52 (Boy, Kirkman loves those violent explodo guts, don't he?)
Prince Of Persia GN (First Second's graphic novel based on the videogame looks promising)
Stand Captain Trips #1 (Good opener... but this thing is going to move like molasses, given its format and the length of the original. Beautiful art by Perkins, though)
World of Warcraft Ashbringer #1 (A pleasant surprise, and one of my favorite reads of the week, a World of Warcraft comic that actually has the vibe of the original property)

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