Thursday, September 04, 2008

*That* Is My Candidate Right There

I haven't said much about Sarah Palin, the Republican National Convention, etc. Partly because there's been plenty of discussion about Palin, and I think the general narrative (It's a risky, balls-y, politically motivated, shamelessly transparent pick that I think is going to backfire) has been covered everywhere. Ad nauseum.

And the RNC? Well, the police are cracking down like they thought those National Guardsmen at Kent State were a bunch of coddling wusses, and the Republicans, no shocker, have nothing to offer beyond more attacks. Every solid idea they've offered on how to fix this country involves either delusion (Romney thinks we need to overthrow the liberals who have been running the country for the last eight years, but I don't know what country he's been in, since the Repubs had control of all three branches for four and spineless Democrat opposition for the last four) or terrifying ideas (seriously, Palin's vision of America is one that makes me want to move to Canada. Except then they'd probably invade from Alaska and the Northern United States in some kind of pincer movement, with Palin wielding an assault rifle and leading the charge). So I don't have much to say, except the expected "Fuck them."

But Obama? Well, he took questions today. And seriously, this is the kind of man I want answering questions. First of all, because we don't have a President (or Republican candidate) who can fucking stand in front of the media and look like he knows what he's talking about, much less provide intelligent, witty answers. Second, because he rightly points out all the smug bullshit that the Republicans want to become the accepted spin. Third, because I see this guy talk and I believe he has some good ideas to help fix this near-hopelessly-fucked country. Which is quite a contrast to how I see McCain, who usually comes off like someone looking off stage to make sure he's accurately conveying whatever his puppet master campaign organizers want him to say.

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