Friday, March 03, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - March 8, 2006:

American Virgin #1 (Great first issue, terrific art by Becky Cloonan and a nice "where the hell do they go from here?" ending. Not quite sure it'll land in Fables/Y territory, but it's a solid opener for a new Vertigo book)
Batman And The Monster Men #5 (Still loving Matt Wagner's take on Batman)
Birds Of Prey Between Dark And Dawn TP (Hooray, more Gail Simone penned Birds of Prey!)
Exterminators #3 (Just... bizarre. I'm not honestly sure if I like it or not, but I'll be damned if it ain't compelling reading)
Fables #47 (Fantastic issue, tying the story nicely back into the main tale)
Sentinel Squad One #3 (Another fun, action-oriented issue, with the use of Savage Land dinosaurs a particularly inspired touch)

Abandoned Vol 1 (Ross Campbell's zombie manga... love his art, can't wait to read this)
Brownsville Hc (Neil Kleid's tale of Jewish gangsters)
Fell #4 (Finally, another issue of Fell)
Invincible #29 (Finally, another issue of Invincible, too)
La Perdida Gn (Read the first issue of Jessica Abel's tale of Mexico and loved it, then decided to wait for the collection... which is finally here)
Maxx Book Six Tp (Completing Sam Kieth's Maxx reprints... now I can go back, reread and decide if the whole thing makes any sense at all)
Placebo Man Tp (I'm a bigger fan of Tomer Hanuka, but since Pizzeria Kamikaze isn't out this week (hopefully next), I might give the collection of his brother's work a shot)
Retro Rocket #1 (This robot/adventure story from Tony Bedard looks like fun)
Sky Ape King Of Girls One Shot (The last of the bizarre, hilariously funny Sky Ape tales)
Socom Seal Team Seven Gn (This sounded like a good action premise, the Navy vs. Atlantis)
Transformers Infiltration #3 (Surprisingly, I'm quite enjoying IDW's take on the Transformers)

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