Friday, March 17, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - March 22, 2006:

Captain America #16 (It's not Captain America to me, but it's still a pretty good action-oriented read)
Catwoman #53 (A good OYL jumping-on point, with really nice art by Fallen Angel's David Lopez, and I think I need to go back and read more of Pfeifer's Catwoman)
Daredevil #83 (Really not sure about Foggy's death, but it's propelling an interesting story, and something Dakota North says on the last page makes me think it *might* be a fakeout and he might still be alive, which would salvage the whole thing for me)
Daughters Of The Dragon #3 (OK, I'm really digging this story, which has a nice blend of humor and action, great art and a bit of an old school Marvel Universe feel reminiscent of She-Hulk at times)
Incredible Hulk #93 (Well, I like the covers, at any rate)
Manhunter #20 (The One Year Later issue, and I've started to think this might be DC's most underrated superhero book)
She-Hulk 2 #6 (Starfox sued for sexual assault... another example of the clever legal/superhero maneuvering in She-Hulk, and another great issue)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #4 (Continues to be a great teen romance comic that not enough people are reading)
X-Factor #5 (One-shot tale of Siryn and Rictor, a nice moody horror/character piece)

Batman #651 (The second part of my favorite OYL story so far)
Concrete Vol 4 Killer Smile Tp (Concrete vs. a serial killer... guess I need to get around to reading vol. 3 soon)
Exiles #78 (The World Tour continues, and as long as Bedard is on this book, I'm still reading)
Jeremiah Harm #2 (More sci-fi from Giffen/Grant, and after enjoying Giffen's Annihilation Prologue last week, I'm in the mood for more of this kind of stuff)
Noble Causes #18 (The Nobles vs. Blackthornes story continues)
Runaways Vol 5 Escape To New York Digest Tp (Two digests of the second Runaways series now out... when do we get a hardcover?)
Supermarket #2 (First issue was a big hit for me, looking forward to the second. My second-favorite Brian Wood title at the moment)
Top 10 The Forty Niners Sc (The last Top Ten, sadly, but at least it's really good)
True Story Swear To God #16 (The last issue before Image... or is there one more?)

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