Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - April 5, 2006:

Annihilation Silver Surfer #1 (Decent issue, and much more action-oriented than the last Surfer misfire)
Batman And The Monster Men #6 (Somewhat weak compared to the rest of the series, but still a plenty solid ending)
Ex Machina #19 (Mayor Hundred enters the war on terror... interesting stuff, as always)
Ex Machina Vol 3 Fact V Fiction Tp (Glad to see a new trade for this series)
Exterminators #4 (It ain't getting any less bizarre)
Jonah Hex #6 (Nuns with guns, and artist Luke Ross is back!)
Marvel Zombies #5 (The ending I'd guessed a couple issues back, along with more gory dark humor... a surprisingly fun series)
Young Avengers #11 (A pretty great issue, revealing some more secrets and Marvel backstory on the Young Avengers... if Heinberg was writing New Avengers, I'd probably read it)

Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #41 (Curious to see more of this new direction)
Archenemies #1 (Roommate buddy comedy crossed with superheroes, looks fun)
Astro Gn (Gorgeous artwork)
Detective Comics #818 (Really enjoying James Robinson's One Year Later Batman tale)
Infinite Crisis #6 (Truthfully, I'm kind of curious to see how this all ends up now, and I'm almost buying into the 52 hype)
Local 2nd Prtg #1 (If you missed it, here's your chance to get one of the best comics produced in the last few months)
Octopus Girl Vol 1 (Horror manga from Dark Horse)
Planetary #25 (I'm still not sure if I'll pick up the collected edition of this series when all is said and done, but I'm leaning towards yes, if Ellis and Cassaday wrap it up soon and in a satisfying manner)
PVP #25
Strangetown #1 (Chynna Clugston and Ian Shaughnessy offer up a tale of a quirky town)
Superior Showcase #1 (Superheroes by indy creators, in the vein of the excellent Project: Superior)
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 5 Crossover Tp (After enjoying Marvel Zombies, I'm curious to read this arc that introduced them)
Ultimate X-Men #69 (Found the last issue a little weaker, but I'm still intrigued by Kirkman's old school style Ultimate X-Men)
Y The Last Man #44 (Always a favorite read)

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