Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - March 15, 2006:

Annihilation Prologue (Interesting start to a new cosmic epic, with great art by Scott Kolins)
Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight #201 (Christos Gage of Deadshot starts off an intriguing Clayface arc)
Birds Of Prey #92 (One Year Later issue, and it's off to a promising start)
DMZ #5 (A one-shot involving a chase through Manhattan, one of the strongest issues of the series thus far)
Planetary Brigade #2 (Funny in places, but just a very solid superhero outing in general. Better than Hero Squared for me, actually)
Runaways #14 (Great first issue of a new story arc, revealing the nature of the new Pride)

Atheist #3 (The long delays are killing this book for my customers, but it's still great Hester-written comics)
Batman Year One Hundred #2 (Really enjoyed the first issue of Paul Pope's futuristic Batman)
Conan #26 (Always enjoyable)
Essential Godzilla Tp (Finally! I was starting to think we'd never see it. This will probably be cheesy, but it will also probably be fun)
Girls #11 (Still bewildered by what exactly is going on, but still engaged in the story as well)
Grounded #5 (Wow, long delay between issues, but the art on this book is fantastic)
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 (The success of a couple One Year Later books has me more interested in seeing how exactly the Crisis shakes out)
JLA Classified #18 (Solid, middle-of-the-road superhero tale by Simone and Garcia-Lopez)
Pizzeria Kamikaze Tp (I bought Tomer Hanuka's Placebo Man last week, and this collects the other half of Bipolar, the Hanuka brothers' series)
PVP #24 (Hilarity ensues. As always)
Seven Soldiers Bulleteer #4 (I've been enjoying this back-half of Seven Soldiers mini)
Superman #650 (First of the One Year Later Superman by Johns and Busiek... after how much I enjoyed Detective, I'm kind of jazzed to see if they can similarly reinvigorate Superman)
Truth Justin & American Way #1 (Nice art, writing by the creators of PVP and Nodwick, should be fun)
Ultimate X-Men #68 (Caught the first couple issues of Kirkman's run a week ago, and really dug it... looking forward to seeing where he's going)
Walking Dead #26 (Grrr. Aargh.)

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