Friday, March 24, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - March 29, 2006:

Banana Sunday Tp (Fun and funny trade from Oni)
Hellblazer Lady Constantine Tp (Early period actioner by Andy Diggle)

Action Comics #837 (Wasn't crazy about the first issue, but I'll give it a couple issues)
All Star Superman #3 (After how much I enjoyed #2, very much looking forward to the latest issue of this quarterly series)
East Coast Rising Vol 1 (Becky Cloonan's OEL manga... can't wait)
Essential Arsenic Lullaby Vol 2 Tp (Long delayed collection of the outrageously offensive humor comic)
Essential Nova Vol 1 Tp (Probably won't be getting this now, as I've got a half dozen other Essentials to read, but it's a possibility in the future)
Fallen Angel #4 (Still not crazy about the art, but the last issue was really, really good)
Godland #9 (One of my favorite comics running, a perfect fun superhero comic book)
Invincible #30 (Kind of bored with the story on this one right now, but it usually wins me back)
Middleman Vol 2 #2 (Another favorite, always makes me laugh)
Paradox #2 (Steampunk sort of magic detective book, first issue was good)
Queen & Country #29 (The long-awaited return)
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #3 (Solid action book set in the Star Wars universe)
Star Wars Return Of Tag & Bink Special Ed #1 (The previous Tag & Bink comics were really funny)
Strange Detective Tales Dead Love #2 (Enjoyed this off-beat tale of quirky pulp detective tales using monsters)
Super Real #2 (Curious to see where this tale of superhero reality shows goes)
Surrogates #5 (The conclusion of one of the best science fiction tales ever published in comics)
Thing #5 (One of about five ongoing Marvel books that I'd call great)
Usagi Yojimbo #92 (Always terrific)
Walking Dead #27 (Last issue was a high point, glad to see another so quick on the heels)
Zombie Tales The Dead #1 (Boom!'s zombie stories have generally been pretty entertaining)

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