Sunday, March 12, 2006

Convention Planning:
Given how much I enjoyed STAPLE! this year, I've started to think about what conventions I might want to attend this year. Those conventions include APE, SPX, Stumptown, Comicon and MoCCA. And if I had money and unlimited vacation time, I would certainly go to San Francisco, Maryland, Portland, San Diego and New York this year. Since I am instead broke and on very limited vacation time, I think it's more likely that my cons this year will be as follows:

N.O.D.I.Y. - I believe that this New Orleans small press/alternative media show is going on this summer, but I can't remember when. June, maybe? This one's an almost certainty, as I can drive down with my friends (much cheaper than flying), stay with friends (hopefully, although if not maybe we can swing the hostel that we stayed at last time for cheap) and, most important of all, catch some of the culture and food of New Orleans again. Not to mention, it's a chance to visit Leo and Michelle (and maybe Ronee). 95% certainty.

San Diego - This one is in July. I have no hotel room booked, and I'm not sure I can afford the flight. I'm sure I can't really afford to drop the cash in the exhibition hall. But damnit, I love San Diego and I really want to go. If I've got nobody to stay with, I might have to skip it, but I'm betting I'll wind up doing San Diego again this year. 60% certainty.

Stumptown - This show sounded like a blast, and it's just a bit bigger than STAPLE!, which is the size I like. I've also been dying to visit Portland, and my buddy Chris will probably go up for the show, which means I'll have someone to hang out with (and maybe split hotel room costs). If I hit San Diego, that may kill the budget, but I'm really hoping to go to Stumptown this year in October. 60% certainty, 75% if I don't go to San Diego.

I would also really like to take a trip to Las Vegas with friends at some point. Oh, and I'll have to get out to Miami when my sister's baby is born in August. I wish I could afford all this travel.

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