Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fuck You, WB:
You deserve to die and be merged with UPN into what will hopefully be a smarter network. I was mildly annoyed when Angel was cancelled at peak performance, but it was five seasons in and got a good ending, so que sera sera...

But I just watched the Global Frequency pilot, and it was damned good. Could easily have gone up next to Battlestar Galactica and 24 in my second tier of favorite shows. Good writing, nice translation of Ellis's comic into TV while filtering well into the new medium and a very good cast. Michelle Forbes was, as expected, perfect as Miranda Zero, but I was also quite pleased with Aimee Garcia as Aleph (just the right blend of smart, sarcastic and upbeat, a nice counter to Miranda). And the two regular leads, ex-cop Sean Flynn and scary smart scientist Katrina Finch, could easily have developed into a likable regular field team. I'm particularly sad to note that Australian actress Jenni Baird, who played Finch with the perfect blend of intelligence, social awkwardness and cute charm, doesn't have any further IMDB credits beyond the pilot, leading me to think the WB execs cost us a potentially good actress for future shows.

If you have the means, I recommend taking a look at the Global Frequency pilot. It's entertaining all on its own, even if it does have that sting of "damn, what this could have been" attached to it.

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