Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - June 18, 2008

Huh. Forgot I hadn't done this, so now I'm doing it after reading a lot of this week's books.

Atomic Robo Vol 1 TP (Packed extras pages, plus all the great stuff from the miniseries... one of the best new comics of 2008)
Battle Royale Ultimate Ed Vol 3 HC (With all the Tokyopop kerfluffle, my biggest worry is that we won't get the last two volumes of this in hardcover)
DMZ #32 (The election story has been amazing, and this issue is no exception, with just a ton of great moments)
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #2 (Badass loner hunts chaos cultists... this series is by far my favorite Warhammer book yet)
Y The Last Man Vol 10 Whys And Wherefores TP (The home stretch and that great final issue, finally collected)

Batman And The Outsiders #8 (Dixon's gone, but he's got three more issues of story... this is another good one... here's hoping for some sort of conclusion, even though this book getting cut short just plain sucks)
Blood Bowl #1 Killer Contract (Violent parody fantasy football, done exceptionally well... another great Boom! Games Workshop licensed book)
Brave And The Bold #14 (The return to shorter stories has done this book a lot of good, and Waid is going out with a bang... this two-parter features one of my favorite DC characters, Green Arrow, along with another weird favorite, Deadman, and art by Scott Kolins, and it's great stuff)
Dead Space #4 (Strange little sci-fi horror story with great art, continues to unfold in an interesting way)
Drawing Words & Writing Pictures TP (Jessica Abel and Matt Madden's new how-to book looks fantastic... I can't wait to read it)
Dynamo 5 Vol 2 Moments Of Truth TP (Yay! More of Faerber and Asrar's fun new superhero team!)
Gemini #2 (Whoops... forgot to grab this one at the shop... but I'm looking forward to reading the next issue... tomorrow, I guess)
George R R Martins Wild Cards #3 (Not digging the art, which is hurting the storytelling quite a bit... but there is a lot I do like about the story)
Grendel Behold The Devil #8 (Didn't like the big reveal of #7, so the series ends on a bit of a down note for me, but it's still a pretty good, dark ending and the series as a whole has been terrific)
Guardians Of Galaxy #2 (One of my weird favorite Marvel space characters shows up, and the book is as good as everything else Abnett & Lanning have been doing at Marvel)
Incredible Hercules #118 (A truly strange idea about gods going to thrown down with the Skrull gods, with gorgeous artwork)
Kill All Parents #1 (Weird little one-shot, a little quiet for my tastes but interesting and with great art)
Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 15 (More of the most twisted suspense manga I've ever read)
Pilot Season Genius #1 (Pretty fun story about a girl with a military mind organizing the gangs of Compton... I'll vote for it to get a series)
RASL #2 (Jeff Smith's long-awaited second issue is another joy to behold... the wait between issues on this book is going to kill me, as I'm super into it)
Teen Titans Year One #5 (Beautiful art, cute romance story, some nice bits... I've gained a real appreciation for Amy Wolfram's storytelling skills off her Teen Titans Go episodes too)
Wolverine #66 (Surprisingly solid first issue with stunning artwork by Dillon. I don't know how long my interest will last, but for right now, it's piqued)
X-Factor #32 (Another big status quo change for the book, another good single issue... but the book really does need to settle down and stay out of the crossovers for a while)

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