Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Few Political Thoughts

I was reading over my RSS feed for politics, and I spotted an interesting pattern. There were articles about McCain and Obama talking about the economy and their plans to fix it, and articles about Congress being unable to agree on a way to deal with high gas prices, and then there was "Bush says Iran can't be trusted with enrichment."

I'm sorry, but honestly... who the fuck cares about Iran right now? Stop trying to beat the drums for another war, or even economic sanctions, against a country that is about as big a threat to us now and in the near future as, say, Iraq was. It's pathetic that even in the last, lame duck months of his Presidency, Bush and his administration continue to be completely and wholly out of step with what the American people care about, instead trying desperately to ram their agenda down the public's throats.

On a semi-related topic... anybody got any good political RSS feeds to recommend? I've got a small spread of stuff, but mostly I find interesting political articles through links from John Rogers or Rolling Stone politics. I subscribed to Huffington for about a day, until I realized that when I left my computer and came back, there were about a hundred unread posts. I don't have that kind of time. I need something that updates maybe a half-dozen, dozen times in a day at most. An item every couple of days, especially if it's good, is even better. I'm also looking for something with a bit of wit to it. Suggestions?


Alan David Doane said...

Crooks and Liars?

Jim said...

Talking Points Memo, and the affiliated Election Central (RSS feeds are here and here.

Randy said...

Cool, thanks, guys!

I've read a lot of TPM through links, wasn't familiar with Crooks and Liars but I like what I see.

Scott Taylor said...

I generally go with Think Progress for the headlines and skim through Sadly, No! when I want a dose of snark. Also, BAGnewsNotes takes a look at the images themselves which is a different perspective from most everything else out there.

M. Robert Turnage said...

I do not put it past W, lame duck or not, to put troops on the ground inside Iran right before the election as a way of showing support for the candidate with military experience.

"Ooops! I kicked over an anthill. Who will be able to clean up this mess now? Someone with WAR EXPERIENCE or someone who makes us all feel better?"

Seriously, they've motivated the public by anxiety and fear for a long time now, and I do not see them stopping just because the American public doesn't care about a lame duck administration.

You take your eye off of W for any reason, he will sucker punch you and do whatever the hell he wants to do. Don't fall into the trap.

Randy said...

Unfortunately, even if you're staring directly at W (and Cheney and the rest of the more dangerous folks running the country), he seems to go ahead and do things anyway.

Mostly because nobody seems willing to call him on it. And when somebody does, like Kucinich, it gets swept away into committee to die quietly.

M. Robert Turnage said...

You know I took one of those "political test" website things where I rated how I felt on the issues and it matched me with my ideal candidate. Kucinich came out on top by a wide margin.

It is hard for me not to think of W as a villain who any moment will say, "If I cannot be the president... then one one shall!" or "I have started the detonation sequence. If you don't rewrite the constitution and re-elect me, we will all die!"

Randy said...

Scott, thanks for the heads-up on BAGnewsNotes. It's infrequent, but different, and I dig it.