Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama/Clinton '08?

I take issue with the reporting on this poll. It seems like CNN is trying to either prognosticate or actually influence choices here, rather than just reporting. In the Gmail Home ticker, the abbreviated headline was "Dems want Obama-Clinton ticket" and I had to look at that. The expanded headline, slightly more accurate, is "Poll finds majority of Dems want Obama-Clinton ticket."

However, here's where I take issue. Majority in this case is 54% for, 43% against. And in male recipients, it's actually 51% against. Even the majority that creates the average, women polled, is only 60% for. I realize that technically speaking, this is a majority. But the report acts as if it's some great mandate from the voters, and I'm sorry, it's not as focused as all that.

I honestly feel like having Clinton on the ticket could lose us the election as easily as it would win it. Yes, Clinton would probably bring with her some supporters who might vote McCain, independent or just not vote out of spite for Obama, *but* I think it's just as likely she'd cost a lot of moderate or Republican crossover votes that Obama has shown the ability to get, if he had a different running mate. Clinton is a polarizing figure, and those who don't like her *really* don't like her.

Me, I'd be OK with an Obama/Clinton ticket... I wouldn't feel betrayed by the Obama campaign, but I can't help but admit I'd be a bit disappointed. I would much rather see Wesley Clark or John Edwards on the ticket.


D3 (Dave) said...
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D3 (Dave) said...

I think you're right on here.

I think there's more hate of Hillary on the right, and even in the middle, than there is love of McCain.

An Obama-Clinton ticket might actually drive people TO McCain.