Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Procrastination Post

I used to do these every now and then when I was writing regular reviews on The Fourth Rail, as a way to provide sort of a checklist for myself as to what I was doing next.

Now, with the irregular reviewing I'm doing on Comic Pants, it's more of a public admission of my inability to get anything done. But I'm gonna post it anyway. Here we have my list of reviews I've been planning to get to somewhere between a week and two months ago. These little capsules may in fact wind up being all I write, although I hope not.

X-O Manowar HC (Sent by Valiant, it reads very much like '80s comics, which is both good and bad - Made me want to dig out more Valiant back issues, though)

Flight Explorer (Loved this one, an all-ages adventure anthology without a bad story in the bunch)

Superior Showcase #1-3 (Dug these out after reading #3 recently)

Proof Vol 1 TP (New Image series that really deserves a review of its $10 intro trade)

Starman Omnibus Vol 1 HC (Actually wrote notes for this review, back on Father's Day... that may be as far as the review gets)

True Story Swear to God Archives Vol 1 (This series held up beautifully, and I'd really like to give it a comprehensive review)

That's the short list. There are any number of other books I had hoped to review, including Boom!'s Warhammer output and maybe a retrospective on Chuck Dixon's Robin, which I've been reading, but I'll be lucky if I manage to get one or two of the above reviewed.

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Nate Southard said...

Well, y'know, you are relatively busy.