Friday, February 02, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - February 7, 2007

I don't think too many people are reading, but just to head off email... Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1 isn't on here because I have no interest.

DMZ Vol 2 Body Of A Journalist TP (The second story arc of DMZ is better than the first, which I quite enjoyed)
Gyakushu Vol 1 (Dan Hipp's action manga from Tokyopop. Love Amazing Joy Buzzards, looking forward to this work by its artist)
Pantheon High Vol 1 (The sons and daughters of the gods in high school, courtesy of my friend Paul Benjamin and Deadshot artist Steven Cummings)
Pirates Of Coney Island #4 (Loving this whacked out, beautifully drawn book from Image)
Shazam The Monster Society Of Evil #1 (Jeff Smith's take on the Marvel family... one of my most anticipated reads of the year)

52 Week #40 (Interesting developments in the previous issue)
Action Comics Annual #10 (All-star artists, Superman by Johns and Donner, should be fun)
American Way TP (I've heard a fair amount of praise on this book, I need to check it out and see how it was)
Astro City The Dark Age Book Two #2 (Love Astro City, wish we had more of it more regularly)
Cthulhu Tales Rising One Shot (Boom's new Cthulhu ongoing debuts in this one-shot)
Fell #7 (Wow, I was starting to think we'd never see this one again)
Iron Man Hypervelocity #2 (First issue was odd, but intriguing)
Irredeemable Ant-Man #5 (The closest thing in terms of quality to his Image work that Kirkman has done at Marvel)
Maintenance #2 (First issue was kind of meh for me, but I'm a fan of both these creators, so I want to give #2 a chance)
Newuniversal #3 (Weakening interest, but still enough to read at least a couple more issues)
Other Side #5 (Lost interest in the series as it went on, but I'm hoping it'll finish strong)
Scalped #2 (Good debut issue, plenty of room to develop)
Secret #1 (New horror mini from Dark Horse with artist Jason Alexander)
Uncanny X-Men #483 (12 issues is feeling like a long time for this story... but there's still enough to keep me reading)


Blair said...

I read your blog!

Out of curiousity, who is Maintenance by?

Randy said...

The writer is Jim Massey, of the hilarious mini-comic Death Takes A Holiday and the artist is Robbi Rodriguez of the Image book Hero Camp.