Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Graphic Novel A Day: Gyakushu! Vol. 1

Writer/Artist: Dan Hipp
Company: Tokyopop
Price: $9.99

I'm a big fan of Dan Hipp's work on Amazing Joy Buzzards, so I had to check out his original graphic novel Gyakushu! from Tokyopop. It's very different, tonally, featuring some of the same over-the-top sensibilities but in a more serious, tragic way than the comedic tone of AJB. To tell the truth, I prefer AJB, with its wild, out there premise and cast of characters. Gyakushu's story, featuring revenge-driven action, is similar to the type of tale I've seen plenty of before. That said, this is an interesting read, with an intriguing fantasy setting, some terrific action and fantastic artwork throughout. Though I'm awaiting his return to AJB more, I'll definitely check out another volume of Hipp's Gyakushu.

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