Sunday, February 25, 2007

Adventures in Retailing: Sickness

I think I might be a little bit sick.

No, not physical illness, although with both my daughter and wife having some kind of stomach bug, that might come at me at the worst possible time as well.

No, I mean mentally ill. Beyond the obvious indicators (I bought a comics and games shop rather than investing in something sane, like real estate or ferret farming), I worked seven of the last seven days, and when I finally get a day off, what do I do?

1) Sent out emails for a promotion for the store in June
2) Did a profit/loss estimate for the next month on the store
3) Paid bills for the store and for our personal finances
4) Set up an ebay account for the store
5) Emailed another distributor to set up an account on Monday

What's kind of sick is that I enjoyed it. I'm enjoying the hell out of working right now. There's a definite reward to owning your own business, even with the worry and the stress and the sleepless nights and mornings that come from that. I feel like I'm accomplishing something, and that's nice.

Maybe I'll relax a little bit later in the day and write some comic reviews. Which is also rewarding, but also work.

Hmm... might have to watch The Illusionist on DVD or some more of the How I Met Your Mother on Tivo to balance all this out.

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Chris Hunter said...

Randy, I'm extremely jealous. Good luck with it all.