Saturday, February 10, 2007

Graphic Novel A Day: Rock Bottom

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Charlie Adlard
Company: AIT/Planet Lar
Price: $12.95

Joe Casey and Charlie Adlard both have a history of AIT/Planet Lar, although most of my favorite projects from them have come from Image (Godland, The Walking Dead, etc.) Rock Bottom is an interesting story about a musician (and a bit of a womanizer) who finds himself turning to stone. The how and why leads him to dig into his own history and analyze his life, and the same happens with his best friends, a lawyer and a doctor. It's an interesting "real guys" type of story with a science-fiction element as its driving focus, and probably the best thing to recommend about it (besides Adlard's terrific clean-line artwork) is the excellent writing of human relationships that really makes the story work.

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