Thursday, February 01, 2007

Graphic Novel A Day: The Nightmarist

Writer/Artist: Duncan Rouleau
Company: Active Images
Price: $14.99 ($10.19 at Amazon)

Knowing of Rouleau's general style, and of the premise of Nightmarist (it's a horror book about dreams and madness), I suspected this was going to be one weird book. I worried it might go from weird to straight-out incomprehensible. On occasion, it does cross that line and I found myself skimming over to the next bit, but in general this is a legitimately creepy, twisty, turny piece of horror fiction, with stunning black and white art that I suspect any fan of Chris Bachalo will find very much to their liking. I'll confess that the whole plot about our heroine possibly being crazy, possibly being some sort of monster, possibly some sort of savior didn't really engage me, but I found her fascinating as a character, and there were any number of great moments throughout. Unusual, beautiful and quite unlike anything else out there, if you're looking for some good horror, a rare find in American comics, check out The Nightmarist. (Note to Nate, if he's reading: You should borrow this from me.)

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