Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - April 26, 2006:

Godland #10 (Finally caught up on the last four issues, and it's still great)
Invincible #31 (Fun, glad that the main character is back on Earth... still wish the book's schedule was more consistent)
Moms Cancer Hc (One of the best comics of the year... no kidding. Review HERE)

Batman #652 (Robinson's Batman tale continues to be a standout amongst the mostly disappointing OYL crop)
Catwoman #54 (First issue was solid... like Robin, I'm not convinced Catwoman should have her own solo book, but I'm back to reading it, at least)
Checkmate #1 (I really would like to enjoy this, but I think Rucka's superhero sensibilities are so different that I'm instead going to view it as him destroying more characters that I like with "realism")
Crisis Aftermath The Battle For Bludhaven #2 (Many hated the first issue, and truthfully, I can see why... but I'm more intrigued than I thought I'd be)
Daughters Of The Dragon #4 (Now that I know it's a lead-up to a Heroes For Hire series that doesn't hold a lot of interest, I'm not as enthusiastic... but I have been mostly enjoying this book)
Polly & The Pirates #5 (Terrific... possibly even better than Courtney Crumrin)
Previews Vol XVI #5 (With moving and a vacation, I'm not sure I'll have time for Down the Line this month... but we'll see)
Runaways #15 (Still digging Runaways, nervous that Civil War might put an end to that)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #5 (There's a simple charm to this book, and an excellence of craft, that makes it a must-read. I don't really look forward to it, but I do love reading it)
Thing #6 (This one I look forward to and dearly love, and I'm afraid that it's doomed)
Usagi Yojimbo #93 (Almost a hundred issues, no big meta-plot, and still remarkably readable and entertaining)
Villains United Infinite Crisis Special (Gail Simone might be my favorite writer at DC right now. Looking forward to more of her Secret Society of Supervillains and Secret Six stories)
Wings Gn (One review compared this little graphic novel about a dog with wings to Owly... if it's half that good, it'll be well worth the price)
X-Factor #6 (Easily the best X-Men book there is. Of course, given that 95% of them are more or less unreadable to me, that's not saying a lot... but it's an enjoyable book, at any rate)

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