Friday, April 14, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - April 19, 2006:

Annihilation Nova #1 (Too much revision of Nova's powers and personality for my taste, and I'm not crazy about the art... weakest of the Annihilation books so far)
Captain America #17 (I'll still hold up the Gruenwald run as my preferred Captain America, but this continues to be a great action comic)
Daredevil #84 (I don't like that Brubaker is making such sweeping changes to long-established characters on every Marvel book he's on, but I have to admit, this is a pretty great Daredevil story. Better than Bendis/Maleev at their height, actually. I really do think Brubaker and the artists on his book are capable of so much more, and Marvel is wasting them on their superhero books, but they're turning in damn good stories)
Ex Machina Special #1 (Interesting to see the story of Jack Pherson, The Great Machine's arch-enemy... more superhero-y than usual Ex Machina, but the guest art by Chris Sprouse is a smooth segue from Harris's work)
Manhunter #21 (Good issue, lots going on... not sure I like Kate becoming a defense attorney instead of a prosecutor, though)

Big Max #1 (Actually, this, not Thunder Monkey (as I reported last week) is Dan Slott's creator-owned book)
Birds Of Prey #93 (Always enjoying Gail's take on these characters)
Conan #27 (Truthfully? I'm getting a little bored, and think I might have had my Conan fill. But it's still a good book)
Goon #17 (Always great book that I buy in trades but read in issues)
Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 2 (Finally got around to reading the first volume, and it was a promising setup. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here)
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 2 Tp (I gave up reading both Declassified series in issues because of the scheduling)
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 3 Tp (Glad to get a chance to read them both collected now)
Robin #149 (First issue of this was surprisingly solid, especially given that I don't think Robin should have a solo title and don't much like the new costume)

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