Friday, April 07, 2006

Feeling Better:
Ahhhh. Those who have been following my blog may have noticed that the last few days have been a bit stressful, but today was a big relief. Why? Well:

1. The weekend, and the chance to run my new and much-enjoyed Eberron game, is fast approaching.

2. We got a call from the bank and got our loan locked in and taken care of. Not only does this assure me that I'll be able to buy the house, the payments sound like they're right in the ballpark of what we're paying now. Which means that both short-term and long-term, the financial situation is under control.

3. Short-term, I'm doing very well with the eBay auctions and that'll help tide over the cashflow until we sell the house, at which point I'll be able to use some money to pay for the San Diego vacation in July. Still need to figure out the hotel situation, though.

The last batch of Ebay auctions should be going up sometime this weekend. I'll update the links on Fourth Rail, but here's a preview of the final batch:

X-Factor #92, 94-104, Annual #8 (The post Peter David era, still featuring Havok, Strong Guy and company, but written by Scott Lobdell & J.M. DeMatteis... the annual has one story by Peter David, though, and #92 has early art by Joe Quesada)

Web of Spider-Man #6, 17-18, 43-50, 59-61, 90, Annuals #2, 4 and 8 (Random Spidey issues bought for crossovers (Secret Wars II, Inferno, Acts of Vengeance) or events that got my attention. Writers vary, but include Gerry Conway, David Michelinie and Peter David)

Superboy and the Ravers #1-7 & Supergirl (miniseries) #1-4 (Artifacts of my late '90s Superman completism, Superboy and the Ravers is a teen team title by Karl Kesel with art by Paul Pelletier, and the Supergirl miniseries is by Roger Stern and features her breaking with her then-lover Lex Luthor when she finds out what he really is)

WildC.A.T.s #5-8, 10-13, Sourcebook (The early Jim Lee drawn and written WildC.A.T.s, several issues written by Chris Claremont)

Wildcats #1-3, 14-21 (Wildstorm Wildcats series, first three by Scott Lobdell and Travis Charest, the rest by Joe Casey and Sean Phillips, last two have art by Steve Dillon)

X-Force #1-36, Annuals #-2 and '99 (OK, yeah, I went through a Liefeld phase like so many others. Anyway, this has five copies of #1 (sans trading cards, although I could probably dig 'em up if you wanted em), plus all the Liefeld-drawn issues and then the book when it went to Fabian Nicieza and Greg Capullo)

Poison Elves #1-63, Overstreet Fan Edition, Lusiphur & Lirilith #1 (Gigantic collection of Drew Hayes' dark fantasy creator-owned series. Early issues apparently quite valuable.)

Power of Shazam! #1-47, One Million, Annual #1 (Complete series, the Jerry Ordway mid-'90s run on Captain Marvel, with gorgeous painted covers and a two-part crossover with Starman late in the run)

Punisher War Zone #12-16, Punisher War Journal #1, 12-13 (A few Punisher issues by Chuck Dixon, John Romita Jr. and first Jim Lee art)

Robin: Year One #1-4 (Prestige format miniseries by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Javier Pulido)

Rogue #1-4 ('90s miniseries with art by Mike Wieringo)

Ruins #1 (First issue of a Warren Ellis penned mini-series that is sort of his dark, sick, funny take on Marvels. Weirdly, Marvel never reprinted this, despite demand. This is a duplicate issue, sadly I don't have a duplicate of #2 and I don't want to part with my only copy)

Squee! #1-4 (Jhonen Vasquez's other dark funny miniseries, all first prints, all in NM condition)

Star Wars Republic #1-16, Tales of the Jedi #1-6, Tales of the Jedi: Freedon Nadd Uprising #1-2, Dark Lords of the Sith #1-6, Episode I prequels: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Queen Amidala, Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing, Star Wars Tales #1-2 (Includes the Old Republic era Tales of the Jedi miniseries, and then the relaunch of the Dark Horse Star Wars books in time for the prequels. The first sixteen issues of Republic, specials on the Episode I main characters that told new stories and the first two issues of the Star Wars Tales anthology)

Star Wars Dark Empire #1-6 (First Dark Horse Star Wars comic, sequel to the original movies)

Strangers in Paradise #1-3 (Antarctic Gold Series reprints), #1-13 (Volume 2), #1-8 (Image run, color), #9-22, 24-25, 31-39, Paradise Too! #1, Lyrics & Poems issue (Early run of Terry Moore's humor/drama indie opus, including gold logo reprints of the rare Antarctic issues. The first two Antarctic issues are autographed by Terry Moore, and the early Abstract issues are pretty valuable)

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