Friday, April 07, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - April 12, 2006:

American Virgin #2 (Good second issue, probably my second-favorite new Vertigo book)
Annihilation Super Skrull #1 (Pretty damn good, actually. Plenty of action, good art and an interesting take on the Super-Skrull. Annihilation harkens back to the best of Jim Starlin and Mark Gruenwald, so far)
DMZ #6 (This would be my favorite new Vertigo book, although it's still a bit uneven when compared to Wood's Local and Supermarket, both of which are excellent)
Exiles #79 (World Tour continues to be a lot of fun)
Fables #48 (The return of Bigby Wolf? Maybe, at any rate this shows Mowgli tracking him down and is, as always, a fantastic issue)
Young Avengers Vol 1 Sidekicks Tp (Still holding out to see how the first series wraps before I decide to buy... but right now I'm leaning towards yes)

Bakers Do These Toys Belong Somewhere HC (More family humor from master cartoonist Kyle Baker! Must-have!)
Batman Year One Hundred #3 (It's not as good as 100%, but it's fun Paul Pope future Batman)
BPRD Universal Machine #1 (I love what this team is doing with BPRD, and Guy Davis is an amazing artist)
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #24 (Solid first OYL issue, I'll keep checking in with it)
Hellboy Vol 6 Strange Places TP (Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I read Conqueror Worm... but I'll probably pick this up at some point)
Noble Causes #19 (Ever since the Blackthornes were introduced, this book has had my firm attention)
Tourist Gn (New Brian Wood graphic novel... and only $10!)
Warren Ellis Black Gas #2 (First issue of Ellis's zombie book was pretty decent)

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