Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fajita Warehouse:
Tonight Suzanne, Katy, my parents and I went to Fajita Warehouse, a Tex-Mex restaurant in North Austin. The menu, which you can see on their website, looked good, offering traditional chicken and beef fajitas as well as more exotic offerings like shrimp, blackened chicken, pulled pork and brisket.

Turns out it was not merely good, it was fantastic. Easily the best fajitas I've had in a good long time, and the variety of flavors really made a difference. We got the family style, which means you pay in the neighborhood of $40 (counting tax) for up to four different meats (beef, shrimp, blackened chicken and pulled pork in our case), as well as beans (refried, black or charro, and everyone ordering gets a choice), rice, tortillas, fixins and four different sauces (BBQ, Chimichurri, an avocado-mango salsa and a corn/roasted pepper salsa).

I ate four of those bad boys, one of each flavor, and each one was delicious. The beef was tender and flavorful, and went really well with the green Chimichurri sauce. I have no idea what's in chimichurri, but whatever it is... me likey! I had the blackened chicken with just cheese and sauteed onions, and that was quite tasty. And I had the shrimp the same way, and it was delicious as well. Probably my favorite, though (although it's a close call with all the others) was the pulled pork, which was delicious with some of the tangy BBQ sauce but also tasted just fine with the carribean spices they flavored it with alone. These fajitas filled up four adults with a pretty hefty appetite with no problem, which was almost a shame given a dessert menu that includes fried ice cream, tres leches, cheesecake and plenty more. Just as all the fajita offerings sounded good, so to did the desserts.

Nate, I know you read this blog and have a love of eating dinner out. Trust me, this place is close to your neck of the woods (up on 620 and Lakeline), and is well worth the trip. Anyone else reading in Austin, I highly recommend a trip down to Fajita Warehouse as well.

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