Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Aristocrats:
If you haven't seen this movie by Penn Jilette and Paul Provenza and you're a fan of dirty comedy, you're really missing out. It recently arrived from Netflix, and I watched it this weekend. And by that I don't mean I caught it on Saturday night, I mean I watched it this weekend. Thursday night I caught it by myself, and realized it would be a totally different experience with a group, so I brought it with me and watched it with friends on Friday. That spurred us telling a variety of bad or dirty jokes we all knew, which was a lot of fun, and allowed me to tell a joke that Jon Wachter once told me about a talking frog and a trip to Vegas, as well as my all-time favorite bad joke that my college roommate Bram Berrit told me about a mysterious island native group known as the Trids.

Saturday, after getting home from work, I watched most of the extras, and they're great. Extra jokes, extended takes on some of the comedians, etc. Tonight, I watched the commentary by Provenza and Jilette, and it was great too. The entire DVD is worth a look.

I have a fondness for comedy and the whole comedy world. It's why I loved Comedians of Comedy, why I loved the movie Comedian and definitely part of why I loved this. I actually won $100 at a campus comedy competition when I was a sophomore, and that spurred me to do a little bit of comedy in the shitty venues around town (Holiday Inn lounges, etc.). I enjoyed it, but just didn't think I could do it, and I still think that was the right decision... but I do have just a twinge of sadness that I never got to be part of the inside world of these comedians, which is bizarrely dark and twisted despite being the basis for so much laughter.

At any rate, The Aristocrats... well worth seeking out.

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