Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - February 8, 2006:

Jonah Hex #4 (Another solid western outing from Gray, Palmiotti and Ross... I keep hoping to see a trade collection solicited)

Bomb Queen #1 (Jimmie Robinson's return to comics! Yay!)
DMZ #4 (That first arc ended a bit abruptly, but I'm still digging the general vibe)
Fables #46 (Kicking off a new story arc, which looks like a bit of a side trip)
Giant Killer TP (Classic giant-monster fightin' story from Dan Brereton)
I Heart Marvel Web Of Romance (Tom Beland and Cory Walker on a Spidey romance book, with Dragon Man yet... score!)
Incredible Hulk #92 (Begins the Planet Hulk story arc. I'm mildly interested, although the 14-part length is scaring me off)
Invincible #28 (Been a while since we've seen an issue of this... I'd rather this and Walking Dead were monthly, and Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Team-Up went months between issues)
Jeremiah Harm #1 (Sci-fi bad-assery from one of the creators of Lobo and publisher Boom! Studios... looks fun)
Marvel Zombies #3 (Guilty pleasure comic)
Middleman Vol 1 TP (Really enjoyed this adventure/humor book from Lost writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach)
Middleman Vol 2 #1 (And really looking forward to the second volume. But seriously... Super Skrull? The guy's talented, Marvel... why you wanna waste him like that?)
Showcase Presents House Of Mystery Vol 1 TP (Great artists on this volume, and after how much I loved Showcase Jonah Hex, been looking forward to another volume to read)
Star Wars Republic #83 (The conclusion of Quinlan Vos's story... will he live or die in the wake of Order 66?)
Star Wars The Comics Companion TP (A compilation exploring where all the comics fit in with the movies, etc. Should be good, Dark Horse does this kind of thing very well)
Transformers Infiltration #2 (Should be about time for more robot explodo)
Young Avengers #10 (The lateness and slow pacing should have killed my interest in this series by now, but it's just so well-written I have to forgive it everytime)

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