Friday, January 27, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - February 1, 2006:

Batman And The Monster Men #4 (I'll say it again: Best Batman book running, hands down)
Exterminators #2 (Wow, I thought that first issue was fucked up. Outrageously disgusting, full of bizarre characters and weird conspiracy shit. Not sure I'm onboard yet, but I'm definitely intrigued)
I Heart Marvel My Mutant Heart (Three stories, one forgettable, one okay and one great, a story by Peter Milligan and Marcos Martin that reads like Human Target with a twist of X-Statix)
PVP #22 (Gay-owned comic shops, a band named Djork and more recent PVP strips... another solid issue)
Seven Soldiers Bulleteer #3 (Lost a lot of enthusiasm for 7 Soldiers overall, but kind of enjoying this series)
X-Factor #3 (Peter David is making good use of Decimation and Layla Miller, *and* telling a good detective/superhero story to boot. The best X-Men title around, which is damning with faint praise, but it's just a plain good comic as well)
Y The Last Man #42 (Spotlight on Ampersand the monkey... seriously)

Athena Voltaire Flight Of The Falcon #1 (Pulp adventure makes the transition from webcomics to print)
Concrete Vol 3 Fragile Creature TP (Still haven't gotten around to reading volume two, but I'm glad to see more reprints of Concrete)
Eden Vol 2 Its An Endless World (Enjoyed the first volume of this post-apocalyptic manga)
Flying Friar #1 (Rich Johnston's Speakeasy book hits shops)
Goon Vol 4 My Virtue & Grim Consequences TP (More Goon, always a good thing)
Gotham Central #40 (Probably should have ended when Brubaker and Lark left, as the entire original creative team is really what gave the book its spark, but the Rucka-only written issues have been pretty solid as well)
Hellboy Makoma #1 (Sooner than I expected, we get the new Hellboy, with Corben art. Looking forward to it)
Lucifer Vol 9 Crux TP (Like Losers, I started reading this one only in trades. Unlike Losers, I'm ready for this one to end)
Sable & Fortune #2 (First issue was a solid '80s style action book)

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