Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - January 25, 2006:

A Trip To Rundberg Gn (Nate Southard and Shawn Richter's zombie graphic novel makes its way to comics shops after showing up briefly at Wizard World Texas)
Bone Vol 3 Eyes Of The Storm Color Edition (I still haven't read volume two, but I'm still buying these color Bone editions because I want the whole saga in color)
Daredevil #81 (Bendis always has had a problem with endings. It's not a bad ending, but it's not what the series really needed, which was a great ending)
Exiles #76 (The World Tour continues to be a lot of old school style fun)
Godland #7 (Good timing on Image's part, releasing the trade and the newest issue on the same day so folks can catch up)
Godland Vol 1 Hello Cosmic Tp (This remains one of my favorite book, just over-the-top cosmic superhero action with a great sense of humor)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #2 (Probably the best Spider-Man title running at the moment)
Thing #3 (Old school fun)

BPRD The Black Flame #6 (Very curious to see how this finally concludes)
Fallen Angel #2 (I miss the old artwork, and wasn't as taken with the new first issue as everybody else, but I'll hang in there out of memory of how much I loved the original series, if nothing else)
JLA Classified #16 (I think this finally starts the Gail Simone/Jose Luis-Garcia Lopez story)
Lady And The Tramp Cinemanga (Buying this for my daughter, who likes books and really likes Lady and the Tramp)
Local #3
Next Wave #1 (Based on Ellis's take on Captain Marvel and the general disdain for superheroes, I expect to hate this... but I'd be happy to be wrong)
Oversight Collected Short Stories 1990-2005 Tp (Phil Hester is a vastly underrated writer, and this is a collection of his stuff)
Polly & The Pirates #3
Previews Vol XVI #2
Sexy Chix Tp (All-female anthology from Dark Horse... I'll love it if it can live up to Autobiographix)
Spider-Man Black Cat Evil That Men Do #6 (Holy crap, it's actually finished. I never thought the day would come. And thank goodness, because more than anything else, what superhero comics need right now are more rape stories)
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #1 (With the Star Wars movies done, I think it's possible all the Star Wars tie-in stories will actually get better... which doesn't speak highly of the movies)
Surrogates #4 (The speculative sci-fi story closes in on its conclusion, and I'm dying to see where it goes)
Truth Serum Vol 1 Tp (Weird indy superhero book that I missed the first time, but I'm curious to check out the trade)
Usagi Yojimbo #90
Warren Ellis Black Gas #1 (Ellis writes zombies for Avatar... probably going to be B-movie at best, but it might be fun)
X-men Deadly Genesis #3 (More than a little pissed by Brubaker offing a perfectly good character for a lameass shock value conclusion in the last issue, and pretty sure I'm gonna wind up hating all the "everything you know is wrong" aspects of this story... but I'll check out this issue to see if I change my mind on that score)

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