Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekly Comics - January 28th, 2009

Avengers The Initiative #21 (Not wild to see Clor back, and Ramos's art is a weird fit, but... Gage is doing cool stuff with B- and C-listers, including the team that makes a surprise last-page appearance, and fitting together puzzle pieces to make Dark Reign make more sense overall)

Captain America #46 (The new adversary isn't that compelling, but the action/espionage vibe of the book remains strong, even in the weaker issues)

Incredible Hercules #125 (Alternate world stuff is always fun, Incredible Hercules is always fun, Salva Espin is a pretty damn good artist and this was another great issue of one of Marvel's best books)

Nova #21 (Solicits and covers revealed the big surprise, but it's still an interesting story... and it's especially interesting that Richard Rider *does* seem to be a bit erratic, and he might not be the hero of his own story at the moment)

Presidents of the United States TP (I usually don't mention trades in these things, but I got this and read it and it's flat-out cool. Neat little historical tidbits about the Presidents alongside portraits by Templesmith, it's bite-sized history and pretty art all together)

The Umbrella Academy #3 (Spectacularly cool and weird, beautifully drawn, I love this book)

Usagi Yojimbo #117 (Starting a new story, with new allies, a new villain, some old friends and a new magical macguffin. I've enjoyed the one-offs, but a new ongoing seems like just the thing right now.)

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