Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weekly Comics - January 14th, 2009

BPRD Black Goddess #1 (Kicking off the next story arc, with some great Lobster Johnson flashbacks, more build-up of the big bad and a quieter, investigative issue of the book. With the usual stunning artwork)

Fables #80 (It's getting darker again, and I do enjoy reading it, but I have to admit, the end with the Adversary still feels like the end of the series to me)

GI Joe #1 (A strong opener, with some particularly nice work redefining Scarlett and Duke, a nifty update of Dial-Tone, a fantastic looking new version of The Pit and Cobra not as known entity but spooky bad guy being built up in the background. IDW's relaunch strategy is paying off so far for this longtime diehard GI Joe fan)

Walking Dead #57 (Missed this one last week, but it's another harrowing, undeniably compelling issue of one of the darkest comics I read)

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Jim B. said...

I read Walking Dead, Fables, and BPRD in trades, but I expect them to continue strongly when I eventually read them.
*Final Crisis #6: Love it or hate it? After six issues, I'm still not sure. Morrison's always good for cool moments and bits of dialogue.... but where the hell is this story going? Inconsistent art (six artists credited, including inkers), some dicey storytelling.
Batman's last word is "Gotcha"?!? Spare me.
DC editorial is dropping the ball on this on many levels.
*Manhunter is wrapping up strong, from a writing standpoint. Some think the Ciudad Juarez arc was not a smart (re)starting point, but I thought it hit the right notes. It really played to Kate Spencer's strengths, and even showed some of her flaws. I do like Gaydos's art most of the time, but I'm afraid he was not the best choice for this book.
Andreyko's created such a unique supporting cast: I'll miss Ramsey, Dylan, Chase, even Sandra and Iron.
One of my big comics disappointments of 2008 was that this title was going down for the third and final time. I hope Kate's complex character resurfaces in a worthy DC book.
*Waiting to hear opinions on Amazing Spider-Man 583, both the hype and the actual content. I haven't gotten it yet; will await later printings.

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