Monday, January 05, 2009

Jekyll Thoughts

Interesting how important a good ending can be, and how destructive a weak one can be.

Because earlier this week, I was delighted to discover that Jekyll, a BBC miniseries written by Steven Moffat, was on Netflix Play Instantly, and I started watching it on my XBox 360. I watched the first two episodes and was instantly impressed, and began loudly talking it up to everyone I knew.

Tonight I watched the last three episodes in rapid succession and, while there's still a lot to like, the desire to have a "twist" ending threw the more carefully considered explanations that had been doled out completely out the window. Were this a series, I probably wouldn't have minded, because they could probably write their way out of the problems raised by a couple of the big last-minute reveals. But as a miniseries, it's a thoroughly unsatisfying ending that mostly left me thinking "But now the whole thing doesn't make any sense!"

At any rate, still very watchable, and probably even worth watching, if you can escape the irritation that will come with the nonsensical shock ending, but... there are a *ton* of unanswered questions now, and it seems likely those answers are never forthcoming (since there apparently won't be a second series), and that's annoying.

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