Thursday, January 01, 2009

Weekly Comics - December 24th & January 5th

Week of January 2nd (if Diamond were delivering as scheduled - instead it's December 5th for me and much of Texas)
Avengers Initiative #20 (Curious to see the fallout from Secret Invasion for this book... weirdly, it's a book that benefits from crossovers rather than being muddled by them)
Captain America #45 (Brubaker's new story arc is not as grandiose (yet) as his previous one, but in every other respect, it's as good as Cap has been under his watch)
Guardians Of Galaxy #8 (Digging the new line-up, and this remains one of my favorite books at Marvel)
Incognito #1 (New crime/superhero noir from Brubaker and Phillips... cool)
Incredible Hercules #124 (The battle vs the amazons has been a pretty good story so far)
War Machine #1 (Only mild interest due to the '90s-style premise, but I like the character, I like the writer and I like the artist, so I have to give it a shot)

Week of December 24th
Gigantic #2 (Beautiful artwork, and an interesting story with giant robots and plenty of action)
Nova #20 (A really good issue with Nova talking with old friends, as the Nova Corps storyline continues to build)
Umbrella Academy Dallas #2 (Bizarre story, gorgeous artwork, fun to read and sure to read even better in trade)
Usagi Yojimbo #116 (A Gen solo story which is one of my favorite issues of an already-impressive year for Usagi)
Warhammer 40k Defenders Of Ultramar #1 (New Warhammer 40K focusing on Space Marines)
Warhammer Crown Of Destruction #3 (Kieron Gillen's Warhammer fantasy series featuring the Skaven continues)

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