Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolution #2: Blog Update

Well, it's less a resolution and more of a housecleaning kind of thing. But here's the notable stuff:

1. No more monthly blog update postings. At least for now. I'll still update the top comics, graphic novels and TV sidebars, but posting about it was kind of silly.

2. I changed out my gigantic list of categorized links for a blogroll, which will be easier to maintain.

I had all these grand plans for doing a "comics day" and a "TV day" and a "Book day" and posting about whatever on certain days, but... not right now. I've just quit comic book reviewing for good, cold turkey, no more, for the first time in a loooong time, and I now have only one monthly deadline for writing. And that feels pretty good. So I'm not in any hurry to replace it with a new routine here.

Also on the resolution/accomplishment front:

1. Took down the Christmas lights today. Which is a notable improvement for how long it took me to take down last year's Christmas lights. Those I took down... uh, also today. So yeah.

2. Eating healthier - Today I've had takeout chinese, a hot dog, a helping of bread pudding, two Cokes, some chex mix made with bacon grease... and a cookie. So that one's blown already.

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buyshtuff said...

New Year's resolutions are best started on the second. The first is too much a holiday. That's what I do.