Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shrieking, Mocking Triumphant Laughter

Imagine Bill Hicks at his most manic, gleeful, "fuck you" laughter.

Some of you may recall me working myself into a bit of a froth over Bush's veto of the expansion of SCHIP, the child healthcare plan.

As annoying as that was, it also means I take special glee in this, from CNN:

House passes expansion of children's health program

See, Bush is on his way out, so he can't wave his magic veto wand at the bill again. Hell, he's so impotent at this point, he can't even fill up a press conference.

No, the bill that he (and other Republicans, including John McCain) shot down, the bill that provides expanded health care for American children? It's headed to President Obama's desk.


I hope it's the first in a long line of "Fuck Yous" that the Democrats have planned for Bush and his administration. Certainly the "Tomnibus" bill was a similar thing of beauty, as Harry Reid shows signs of a spine and cleverness that I was beginning to think the Democrats lacked, even when they're the majority party.


Jim B. said...

Agreed on all counts. The SCHIP and smirk-inducing Tomnibus bills make me soooo happy. However, I'm withholding judgment on whether Harry Reid has suddenly grown a pair.

P.S. Bonus points for the Bill Hicks reference. His cameo in Preacher influenced me to seek out Rant in E Minor, then many more Hicks discs (say it three times fast). Still criminally underappreciated.
P.P.S. Agree or disagree: Rachel Maddow is probably the most awesome person on the planet. My lovely wife refers to Maddow as "Jim's girlfriend Rachel." Sadly, Rachel already has a girlfriend... *sigh*.

Randy said...

Agree. Rachel Maddow is awesome. As is Bill Hicks.