Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why I Love (and Hate) The Internet

There's something kind of funny about the more off-the-cuff, slipshod nature of Internet reporting. You can always go in and change things, fix errors, etc., and so I think people aren't as attentive to the finished product as they used to be. It's not set in print, it's malleable, so the final product can be more of a rough draft.

Many would say this is true of bloggers, but not professional news organizations and such, which hold a higher standard. Many of those who would say that probably work for those news organizations, and don't want to admit that well-informed bloggers can often be more professional than the corporate-driven news machines. Because I was reading an article on Time online about four day school weeks, which I had an interest in (it caught my attention off my Google home page), and I came to the end, and following the final paragraph, which ended with this sentence: "Creal wouldn't think of going back to a five-day week. 'I'd be tarred and feathered for even suggesting it,' he says. Which also means it's unlikely summer vacation will get downsized anytime soon."

There was this:

"Goats are extremely cute and fairly intelligent (for livestock) and, importantly, delicious FOOD, PAGE 54

Source: National Center on Time and Learning"

And that just cracked me up. It was like the author just swerved there at the end. And the source page makes it look like the center for time and learning was studying the taste of smart goats.

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