Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - August 6, 2008

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #17 (Fray meets Buffy, part two)
Criminal 2 #4 (Dug the last arc, especially in trade, always looking forward to more)
DMZ Vol 5 The Hidden War TP (I wasn't crazy about a lot of these short stories, but I'm interested to check them out in trade and see if they hold together better for me)
Killer #7 (At long last, a new issue of Archaia's best book... and I include Mouse Guard in that, which is about as high a compliment as I can pay The Killer)
Manhunter #33 (Andreyko and Gaydos are rocking this book... hope third time proves the charm)

Final Crisis #3 (I have to admit, I'm finding my revulsion to mild curiosity ratio shifting a bit on this one)
Grendel God & The Devil TP (One of my favorite Grendel stories ever, with the craziest Grendel ever and perhaps the craziest vampire scheme ever too)
Hack Slash Series #14 (Cassie continues to search for her father, and Herbert West, Re-Animator, is around the corner)
House Of Mystery #4 (Very odd book, but I continue to check it out)
Hulk #5 (Hulk vs. Thor)
Invincible Iron Man #4 (Still reading, still wishing it was more The Order instead)
Patsy Walker Hellcat #2 (Wonky plot, beautiful art... I'll check in for another issue)
Spider-man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #1 (I checked out on this early, but Moore writing means I'll check back in)
Titanium Rain #1 (Futuristic fighter pilot comic from Archaia)

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