Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - August 27, 2008

Avengers Initiative #16 (This has been getting better and better, and their take on the Skrull Kill Krew is a riot)
Family Dynamic #1 (Excellent J. Torres/Tim Levin superhero family story... shame it was cut from six to three issues)
Nova #16 (Great Secret Invasion tie-in, I've recently been re-reading all the Annihilation/Nova stuff and it really builds nicely)
Star Wars Knights O/t Old Republic Vol 4 TP (Star Wars fever has taken me over, and I'm catching up on KOTOR. Legacy is probably next)
Suicide Squad From The Ashes TP (I hated the Rick Flag stuff, but everything else was vintage Ostrander Squad)

Blue Beetle #30 (Pretty solid, I miss Rogers but Sturges is doing good work here)
DMZ #34 (Damn! I forgot to read this before I left the shop!)
Immortal Iron Fist #18 (It's... OK. But it's lost that Fraction/Brubaker magic and I think I'm going to stop following it)
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #2 (The first issue was hilarious fun)
Northlanders #9 (Forgot to read this one, too... starts a new story arc, with new characters, I think)
Thunderbolts #123 (Gage is writing some fun Thunderbolts, and with Diggle coming onboard next, I think I'm going to wind up picking these up)
Wildcats Worlds End #2 (Solid... not as great as Moore's stuff or especially Casey's, but the post-apocalyptic Wildstorm universe is intriguing)
Wolverine #68 (Three issues before I got kinda bored... that's not bad for a Millar project with me these days)
Wolverine First Class #6 (Hockey... robots... hilarity ensues)
X-men Legacy #215 (Surprisingly fun, despite positively wallowing in '90s continuity, and I like that it acknowledges the new SF status quo)

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Tim Agen said...

Wildcats #2 lost me. A post apoc world is intriguing, but I've read 4 issues in said world, and none of them have done anything intriguing. And Wildcats #2 felt like it was wrapping up Revelations or something.. wherever that Majestic storyline started. I sorta resent being asked to read 3 issues before getting something to hold on to about what the WildCats are going to be doing in this post apoc world.