Sunday, August 03, 2008

Too Stupid To Vote?

Y'know, I appreciate that the unions are sending out a flyer debunking the numerous falsehoods that have been spread about Obama. It's a good flyer.

But it makes me sad. These are issues that might keep people from voting. Does he wear a flag pin? Was he sworn in on a Bible? Does he place his hand over his heart when he says the Pledge of Allegiance?

I wondered how Bush got re-elected. Now I know. It's because a large, maybe overwhelming chunk, of people in this country vote based on the stupidest reasons I've ever heard.

No wonder the McCain attack ads are working. No wonder simply telling folks about policies and plans doesn't. You have to appeal to the same demographic that made reality television a viable option. The people who won't vote for someone because they heard from some bullshit, easily debunked email that he doesn't always wear a flag pin his lapel, which somehow translates to Obama having a secret plan to destroy America.

I swear, some days I want to slap most of my countrymen and women. They're called weekdays.

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