Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - August 20, 2008

Guardians Of Galaxy #4 (Secret Invasion tie-in, but it's the same great Guardians storytelling we've been getting)
Hack Slash Series #15 (Crossover with Re-Animator! Cassie's quest to find her father continues! Great issue)
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus #2 (Building on the first issue, with some nice intrigue, a big 'ol combat sequence and a great cliffhanger)
Warhammer 40k Fire & Honor #1 (Another promising series for Boom!'s Warhammer line, this one featuring Imperial Guard and the Tau)
Spider-man Loves Mary Jane Vol 2 HC (Collecting the rest of McKeever's run with Miyazawa and Hahn)

Batman And The Outsiders #10 (Dixon's run ends... or rather, stops. Bummer that he didn't even get to give it a good wrap-up.)
Brave And The Bold #16 (Fun Catwoman/Superman team-up with Scott Kolins art)
Captain America #41 (A bit of a down issue, transitioning the story, but it's still as good as always)
Conan The Cimmerian #2 (Less Conan's grandpa, more Conan would have been better to start things off, but it's still good story and Corben art)
Incredible Hercules #120 (Strong finale to the Godwar story, looking forward to them getting back to Earth)
Killer #8 (Another tense, incredible issue. Love this book, will love it even more when it's finished and I can read it all at once)
Myspace Dark Horse Presents Vol 1 TP (Great selection of stories here)
Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 16 (Closing in on the end of the best suspense manga I've read. But then we'll get Pluto and 20th Century Boys, so it's all good)
Punisher #61 (Surprisingly strong start from Hurwitz and Campbell)
Star Wars Force Unleashed TP (Been in kind of a Star Wars mood lately, and this story looks interesting. I'm curious to see if they'll try to justify Vader having an apprentice ten times more powerful than he is, or if that'll be quietly ignored)
Stormwatch PHD Worlds End #13 (Damn it. Good creative teams and an interesting premise (post-apocalypse superhero universe) have me checking out the Wildstorm universe. Again. Even though I know this relaunch will probably wind up scrapped with all the others)
Uncanny X-Men #501 (Fun. Readable. Not super-exciting or anything, but pretty good X-Men stuff)
X-Factor Special Layla Miller (Really good spotlight on a character I don't even like... impressive work by the creative team)
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #15 (Medusa vs. The X-Men! Plus the Wizard! Parker knows how to have fun with Marvel's universe)

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Dexter Morgan said...

Damn, I didn't realize The Killer #8 was coming out this week. I'll have to track it down.