Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Fuck With the Gamers

Michael Goldfarb, one of McCain's staffers/advisers/clueless idiots, made disparaging remarks comparing bloggers to "basement dwellers playing D&D." Now Wizards of the Coast, and more importantly, Hasbro, has responded by sending them a letter and posting about it on the Wizards site. And reminding them that the GIs that tend to vote Republican *also* play D&D.

Really, I'm more annoyed about any number of things McCain's collection of political hacks have said (like the "mental recession" of the "whiners" or the latest "how to fix healthcare, by not mentioning the un-insured" bullshit), but I am amused that these guys managed to tick off the VP of a major corporation for what amounts to no good reason.

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D3 (Dave) said...

Nice frat-boy, jock mentality there Goldfarb... Let's make fun of some nerds and then do some binge drinking! Wooooo!

The big corporate news agencies answer to the driving motive of profit, whereas bloggers don't have such constraints on which stories are delivered and how they are delivered.

Is there a lack of objectivity amongst bloggers? Of course. Remind me again how this differs from the major news agencies... Oh, right... Bloggers often openly take up a cause or viewpoint they believe in and corporate "journalists" sneakily feign objectivity while serving the checkbooks of their CEOs.

Bloggers cannot be used as one's reliable sole source of news and information, but they are a great asset when used in conjunction with other sources.

It's strange to me that I'm a gamer and not a blogger, but I'm more upset about the slight to bloggers. I guess I'm just used to morons snickering about things that strike them as "uncool"