Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - May 7th & 14th

Buffy Season 8 Vol 2 No Future For You TP (Holding out for a swanky hardcover to match my retailer edition hardcover... but I don't know how long I'll hold out, because this series keeps getting better)
Guardians Of Galaxy #1 (Awesome with a capital A. Full review at Comic Pants)
Life Sucks GN (Interesting vampire/slacker graphic novel. Full review of this one too.)
Serenity Better Days #3 (Concluding the all-too-brief, but pretty good, return of the Firefly crew)
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #1 (A really great opening issue of pulpy dark fantasy. Full review on Comic Pants.)

All New Iron Manual (I love tech specs and I love Iron Man, and I'm pretty sure this is Eliott R. Brown work too)
Amazing Spider-Man #559 (Growing bored, quite honestly. Nice art by Marcos Martin, it's inoffensive enough, but it's kind of plodding for what should be a fast-paced weekly book)
Booster Gold #9 (A combination of nostalgic love for the character, an appreciation for time and alternate world travel and a pretty damn good comic has made this one a reading favorite)
BPRD 1946 #5 (Concluding the excellent look into the early days of the BPRD)
DMZ #31 (Election story continues to impress)
Green Lantern No Fear TP (Three years later, the first volume of Green Lantern is *finally* in trade. Two and a half years ago, I might have cared. Great planning, DC.)
Soleil Sky Doll #1 (Euro-comics from Marvel. Probably doomed, probably a bit on the dull side, writing-wise, but sure to be beautiful to look at)
Thunderbolts #120 (Some great stuff with Norman Osborn, some weaker stuff and a few godawful moments as Ellis hasn't gotten the memo of never, ever talking about the stupid Gwen Stacy-Norman Osborn story so we can pretend it didn't happen)
Tiny Titans #4 (My daughter fell in love with this book on Free Comic Book Day)
True Story Swear To God Image Ed #11 (I'm like three issues behind on reading this book, and really need to catch up)
Walking Dead #49 (Dark as hell of late, but also a fascinating read. Kirkman is *merciless* to his characters)
Wonder Woman #20 (Simone's run on Wonder Woman has been fun so far)
X-Men Legacy #211 (Kind of digging this, despite it's huge '90s X-Men influence and unclear mandate... I like it at least as well as the Uncanny stuff right now)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer #14 (Fantastic issue, although if that cliffhanger is what it looks like, I'm going to be so f'ing pissed)
Gemini #1 (Great concept, strong execution, nice art)
George R R Martins Wild Cards #2 (Dug the second issue more than the first. It's tweaking my Wild Cards nostalgia, only to realize that I sold/gave away the novels at some point.)
Nova #13 (Possibly the best issue of Marvel's best series, as Nova takes on Galactus)
Question Vol 2 Poisoned Ground TP ('80s pulp at its best... so lives up to the hype)

Abe Sapien The Drowning #4 (I've lost the plot, need to read it in trade at this point... but it's gorgeous to look at)
Batman Death Mask #2 (Not as strong as the first issue, but a pretty decent issue that recalls the Night of the Ninja episode of the animated series)
Cable #3 (Three issues in, not much has happened, and I'm growing bored. Fast. Swierczynski is *not* filling me with confidence about his Iron Fist takeover)
Dead Space #3 (Still creepy, still great art, starting to think I'll enjoy it more as a trade)
Dynamo 5 Annual #1 (Mixed reaction on the art, but there's some great Noble Causes/Dynamo 5 backstory here)
House Of Mystery #1 (New Vertigo launch, feels more like '90s Vertigo than modern... nice art, intriguing premise)
Invincible Iron Man #1 (Nowhere near as good as The Order or Iron Fist, tons better than almost any Iron Man in the last 10 years or so)
Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1 (Fun, lightweight, has its issues but is readable)
Nightwing #144 (Slight recovery from last issue's slump, still not as good as the earlier issues of Tomasi's run)
Secret Invasion #2 (Shock! I didn't hate it, and the return of Mockingbird is a big deal for me, if it turns out to be true)
Suburban Glamour Vol 1 TP (Looking forward to checking this out at some point... first issue was good, and McKelvie's art is great)

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