Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - May 21, 2008

Batman And The Outsiders #7 (One of my favorite superhero team books at the moment)
Dynamo 5 #13 (After last issue's superteam slugfest, I'm looking forward to seeing where Faerber and Asrar go from here)
Grendel Behold The Devil #7 (Closing in on the end, I'm going to be sad when there's not a regular Wagner Grendel fix again)
Pigeons From Hell #2 (Great first issue, spooky and with fantastic art)
Robin #174 (Really digging what Dixon has going on Robin right now)

Brave And The Bold #13 (One-off with Batman, Golden Age Flash and Samurai Robots. Nice.)
Captain America #38 (Annnd I'm back onboard. Again. Nice use of Cap continuity, and the usual excellent craft)
Damned Prodigal Sons #2 (Love this series, but I'm really looking forward to the trade so I can read it all at once)
Incredible Hercules #117 (Gods going after the Skrull gods? Now that's a Secret Invasion tie-in)
Jim Butchers Dresden Files #2 (Enjoyed #1, have since read the first novel and now I'm anticipating #2 even more, since I know the character now)

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