Friday, May 02, 2008

It's Official: Bush Worst President Ever

CNN has a poll that indicates Bush has an approval rating of 28%, lower than any President before him.

This makes me feel a little bit better about the American people. Why only a little bit?

Because there were still enough people to elect him to a second term!

Saying "Whoops, we fucked up, guess you guys were right and we *should* have elected Kerry" doesn't make me feel that much better about my country. Especially when there are plenty of indications that we've learned nothing, and McCain (representing many of the same political interests that make the Bush Administration a blight on the country) has a shot at getting elected in November.

Huh. Maybe it doesn't make me feel a little bit better after all. Maybe it instead makes me feel like a lot of people abrogate responsibility rather easily.

"Man, that Bush is the worst President we've ever had."

"But didn't you vote for him? Twice?"

"Well, yeah, but gas prices weren't over $3 in 2004. And I thought we were *this* close to winning that war in Iraq and getting rid of all the terrorists."

(sound of baseball bit hitting face)


Greg McElhatton said...

On the bright(?) side, half of London now understands our pain. One friend there actually said, "I can no longer mock Americans for Bush because London did something just as stupid."

M. Robert Turnage said...

Hindsight is 20/20.

I am inclined to forgive 2004 America for the election, because of the over-invoked 9/11. The further we are from 2001, the less emotion we feel about it. In 2004, we were a little closer and people were scared. Bush didn't really go out of his way to ease the fear, but people who are afraid do not want change.

I also remember during the Clinton impeachment people in conservative North Texas making similar complaints. "Why did we elect this guy a second term, again? Didn't we learn our lesson the first term?"


Randy said...

Nope, nobody gets a pass because they were scared by 9/11 three years before. *Maybe* if the election had been decided by New York.

But buying into the scare tactics doesn't earn my forgiveness. It just makes me angrier that people were stupid enough not to see it for the obvious political bullying that it was.