Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - May 29th, 2008

All Star Superman #11 (After last issue, I can't wait to see what the Morrison/Quitely team comes up with next)
Fables #73 (Huge goings-on in this story arc, this book somehow keeps getting better)
Jack Kirbys Omac One Man Army Corps HC (Yay! Now if only we can get a Kamandi hardcover in the same style)
Starman Omnibus Vol 1 HC (Double yay! I'm really looking forward to re-reading all of these stories)
True Story Swear To God Archives Vol 1 TP (Triple yay! Long delayed, but finally out, and really looking forward to re-reading these as well)

Caliber #2 (First issue of this King Arthur meets western was beautifully illustrated and interesting)
Final Crisis #1 (I'll give the first issue a shot... maybe it'll hook me)
Firebreather Series #1 (Glad to see this one back, hope it stays on a regular schedule)
Hellboy Vol 8 Darkness Calls TP (Beautiful art, and one of my favorite Hellboy stories in a while... but now I'm holding off on the Library Editions)
Hercules #2 (I liked the first issue, but not as much as Caliber or Incredible Hercules, so it's sort of a mild interest)
Immortal Iron Fist #15 (One-shot story, solid but not great, especially in comparison to the greatness of that last arc)
King Size Hulk #1 (Here's hoping for more gems like "A-Bomb Hate Giant Betty Birdface!")
Northlanders #6 (Last issue was my favorite of the series so far, looking forward to seeing the story progress)
Proof #8 (I've been digging this second arc)
Teen Titans #59 (The Terror Titans story... concludes, maybe? Anyway, it's been good reading)
Uncanny X-Men #498 (Has become kind of fun, and I love the relocation to San Francisco)
Usagi Yojimbo #112 (This has been really good lately)
Wolverine First Class #3 (High Evolutionary and Knights of Wundagore... old school guest stars)
X-men First Class Vol 2 #12 (I miss the fancy covers and the last couple issues haven't hit with me, but it's still good reading)
X-men Legacy #212 (This issue's a bit of a continuity morass, but in general I'm digging the conspiracy/man on a mission vibe of this book... really nice art, too)

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