Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Republicans Want Change

There's something almost pathetic in the GOP reaction to their loss of three Congressional seats in special elections. Do they take a long, hard look at years of convergence of religious fanaticism, financial darwinism, bending America over for corporations and basically giving in to the worst of cynicism and greed that folks expect of politicians?

Yeah, right.

No, they start throwing around the "change" word, figuring that "it worked for Obama." They start talking about how they want to fix America by making sure women don't have to work (there's a subtextual message that Dave Sim could be proud of). They talk about taking care of military families (without acknowledging that the best way to take care of them would be to not send their family members into a pointless meat-grinder serving a Neocon agenda). They try not to acknowledge that the change this is needed is a change away from 8 years of a mostly corrupt, often incompetent Republican administration and its cronies in the judicial and legislative branches.

Here's my favorite part from the article:

"Former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Davis, a congressman from Virginia, says Tuesday's loss could lead to a devastating finish come November.

'The Republican reputation is just in the trash can, and if this were a brand of dog food, you would just take it off the shelf, because nobody is buying it,' he said."

OK, actually that's my second favorite part. Here's my actual favorite part:

"And so Davis handed out a 27-page memo to his colleagues Wednesday in a closed-door meeting. In it, he says the party needs to revamp its image because Republicans face the worst political atmosphere since Watergate.

'If this isn't a turning point, we're the airplane flying into the mountain. ... If we don't veer off to the side, we're gonna crash and burn this November,' he said."

I say: Fly into that mountain, you gloriously stupid bastards! BOOOOMMMM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

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