Thursday, May 15, 2008

Goals 2008

Over at my friend Nate Southard's blog, he's posting ten of his goals for 2008. He's invited others to do so. Now Nate's goals include lofty achievements like writing short stories, announcing secret projects, etc. Mine are a bit more... well, lazy is the right word, but let's say modest. So without further ado, my goals for 2008:

1. Clear out the credit card debt and keep it gone for at least the rest of the year

2. Average out to reading at least one prose book a month

3. Average out to doing at least two reviews a month

4. Resist the urge to rub it in the face of every Republican I meet if Obama wins.

5. Resist the urge to throw rocks through windshields with McCain stickers if Obama loses. (I resisted this urge with folks who have Bush/Cheney '04... I feel confident about this one)

6. Get in better shape (this one is thoroughly unlikely)

7. Cut down my cola drinking (see #6 - both parts)

8. Don't die

Really, if I can just achieve that last one, I'm going to consider 2008 a great success.


M. Robert Turnage said...

Concerning #4 and #5

I don't know how privy you are to right-wing yattering, but they are already working on convincing themselves that if they lose the election this fall, it will not really be their fault.

Around the midterm elections I started hearing from various friends about how rhinos were destroying the Republican party and if the Republicans lost the midterm elections, it would be the rhino's fault.

I thought this was some sort of mascot thing (rhinos vs. elephants?) until someone explained to me it was an acronym for Republicans In Name Only (RINO). Real Republicans apparently can do no wrong, and if a Republican manages to do some sort of wrong, then he or she isn't really a Republican.

I don't understand the level of denial going on here. When Huckabee was still in the running, his supporters were saying that what this country needs is a strong Christian in the White House, and some of them even went as far to say, when probed, that W wasn't a real Christian and only if we elect a REAL one, things will suddenly go work out for this country.

Anyway, I want to feel better about my country's direction than I currently do, and I hope the American people and the American political process takes us to a better place.

And I also don't want you to die, because I really like reading your blog.

Nate Southard said...

Right, like anything I wrote down as a goal is even remotely as difficult as eliminating credit card debt. :-)

Randy said...

What amuses me about "RINO" is that it's the same sort of obnoxious, smug sense of entitlement that caused some sci-fi fans to call the new, excellent Battlestar Galactica "Galactica in Name Only."

It says a lot more about the folks throwing the term around than the "In Name Only" folks they're trying to smear. Basically, more of a "Oh, you don't want me in your group? Well, thank the lord for that, y'all are a bunch of jackholes!"