Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - September 7, 2006:
That's not a typo... comics are delayed by a day this week thanks to Labor Day. That means the Wednesday Number Ones feature on Comic Pants will be a Thursday Number Ones feature instead. But don't worry, there'll be plenty of reviews before that. Anyway, another small-ish week.

Local #6 (Read a preview copy, and it's fantastic... best issue of the series so far)
Museum Of Terror Vol 2 (Not as great as Uzumaki or even Gyo, but still solid horror manga from Junji Ito)
Surrogates Vol 1 Tp (Fantastic, full-color sci-fi from Top Shelf)
Uncanny X-men #478 (The only one of my top five I haven't already read, but I'm digging on the Brubaker/Tan X-Men right now)
Y The Last Man #49 (Less than a year to go, and the story is ramping up)

Agents Of Atlas #2 (Great art, interesting story, I'm onboard for more)
American Splendor #1 (A little disappointing, but with some nice art)
Detective Comics #823 (Another done-in-one from Dini... I'm not wholly onboard, but I'm still reading)
GI Joe Scarlett Declassified (Interior art by Phil Noto + my soft spot for GI Joe = reading)
Lone Ranger #1 (I have a certain fondness for the Lone Ranger character as well)
Noble Causes #23 (A thoroughly underrated and always entertaining book)
Rush City #2 (First issue was solid action, I expect the second to be more of the same, but guest-starring Black Canary for bonus points)

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