Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - September 13, 2006:

American Born Chinese SC (I'll have a full review of this on Comic Pants soon, but if you want a review right now, you can check out what Greg McElhatton had to say. The usual excellent First Second production values on a well-crafted, fun and insightful story)
Escapists #3 (I love Vaughan's work, and I think this is my favorite thing he's writing right now. Gorgeous artwork, too)
Fables #53 (It's my favorite book. I've read this issue already, and it's another great story. Terrific 3-page backup tale with Josh Middleton art, too)
Pride Of Baghdad HC (I'm excited by this because of how excited Vaughan is about it, and because the art looks amazing. I was going to try and wait out a softcover, but it's reasonably priced for a hardcover, and I've gotten so interested in the story that I have to read it as soon as I can get my hands on it)
DMZ #11 (One-shot revealing the story of Zee, with guest art by Kristian of Supermarket fame. I've seen his pencilled artwork, and it's amazing)

Captain America #21 (The Twenty-First Century Blitz, possibly my favorite story in Brubaker's run, concludes this issue)
Casanova #4 (It's bizarre, and I'm not always entirely sure I'm following the story... but I really dig the vibe, and love the art)
Ex Machina #23 (Another interesting arc... the book reads better in trades, but it's always a great read)
Journey Into Mohawk Country SC (An illustrated account of a Dutch trader's venture into Mohawk Country... off-beat, intriguing and beautifully illustrated from First Second Books)
Making Comics SC (Re-Inventing Comics was disappointing, but Understanding Comics was amazing, so I'm onboard for McCloud's latest, at least in theory)
Phonogram #2 (First issue was... weird. But I did like the vibe enough to give the second issue a try)
Sam Noir Samurai Detective #1 (It's a great concept, I've got to see if the creators can pull it off)
Scarlet Traces The Great Game #3 (Having trouble enjoying in single issues, but I expect I'll really enjoy the collection)
Silent Ghost #1 (Mystical kung-fu comic with art by Brett Weldele, I'm curious to check this out)
Star Wars Legacy #3 (Long delay between issues, and I'm still not sold on the series... hope it picks up soon, as Ostrander/Duursema are creators I really like)
Talent #3 (Fantastic conspiracy thriller with great art by Paul Azaceta, one of the best books in Boom's impressive stable)
Wasteland #3 (Loving this book so far, can't wait to see what happens next)

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