Sunday, September 10, 2006

Act-i-Vate Wave 3

Act-i-vate Wave 3:
The cool as hell "virtual studio" Act-i-vate has added their newest members, and it's a great group. I'm a fan of Mike Dawson's since I read his Gabagool!, and I'm delighted to learn that there's more of Jason Little's creation Bee, whose adventurers were published in a terrific hardcover called Shutterbug Follies. In fact, in addition to the four pages on Act-i-vate, you can see more episodes of Bee, and several complete comics, on Jason Little's site.

And the new feature "the other muse," which started today, is fun reading as well. Act-i-vate has been impressive since the beginning, and their third wave adds another level of promising talent. Go, read. You won't be sorry.

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