Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - September 27, 2006:

Conan Ultimate Guide To Savage Barbarian HC (Great hardcover guide to Conan. Full review HERE.)
Jack Of Fables #3 (Another great issue, this book lives up to the quality of the main Fables comic)
Losers Endgame TP (The conclusion of Diggle & Jock's great modern action book)
Ragnars Kings Of The Road (New book from artist/designer Ragnar... not entirely sure what to expect, but his art is always beautiful)
True Story Swear To God Image Ed #1 (Tom Beland relaunches his humor/romance book at Image)

American Virgin #7 (Hasn't gotten any less weird, but continues to be intriguing and beautifully drawn)
Batman #657 (Losing interest fast... kind of glad to see an Ostrander/Mandrake fill-in coming)
Batman And The Mad Monk #2 (Another solid entry in Matt Wagner's Batman miniseries)
Captain America #22 (Will Civil War kill my interest in one of the few remaining Marvel books I read? After reading CW #4, I'm gonna guess yes, and hope no)
Daredevil #89 (This one, thankfully, is mostly clear of Civil War... and has been great)
Eternals #4 (Also clear of Civil War... #3 was a dip in quality, but the rest has been very entertaining)
Invincible #35 (Still enjoying this book, for the most part)
Justice League Of America #2 (#1 had some things to recommend it... I'll read #2 as well, waiting for the other shoe to drop)
Northwest Passage #3 (Scott Chantler's two-fisted tales of Canadian history conclude!)
Previews #26.10 (Down the Line coming next week)
Secret Six #4 (Considerably weaker than Villains United, still the best substitute for new Suicide Squad that we're gonna get)
She-Hulk 2 #12 (Civil War weakening my interest in all things Marvel Universe, but I'm still enjoying this book for now)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #10 (Counting down until we lose Takeshi Miyazawa, unfortunately... but I'll enjoy it while I can)
Ultimates 2 #12 (Curious to see how this one wraps... probably six or eight months from now.)
Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters #3 (Enjoyed the first two issues, curious to see whether it will continue to entertain)
Usagi Yojimbo #97 (Always enjoyable, one of the most solidly crafted comics out there)

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