Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - September 20, 2006:

Dwight T Albatross The Goon Noir #1 (All-star Goon anthology starts here)
Godland Vol 2 Another Sunny Delight TP (Hooray! More Godland in trade means more Godland issues coming soon!)
Runaways #20 (I know everyone is super-excited about Whedon, but I'm mostly hoping that Vaughan gives his run on the book a good wrap-up of sorts, because I'm not entirely sold on Whedon's comics work, despite being a huge fan of his TV work)
Shadowpact #5 (Another great issue, this one is turning into a favorite of mine)
Union Jack #1 (Very solid action-packed first issue, with amazing art from Mike Perkins)

Birds Of Prey #98 (The new Batgirl mystery deepens, and it's a really interesting story)
Conan #32 (Another chapter in "Born on the Battlefield" by Busiek and Ruth)
Exiles #86 (The all-Wolverine squad vs. The Exiles... should be fun)
Lonely Heart Art Of Tara Mcpherson HC (Dark Horse does great art books, McPherson does great art)
Marvel Adventures Avengers #5 (Tony Bedard takes over writing and pits the Avengers against Loki and the Wrecker)
O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce #2 (Enjoyed the first issue, and the wait for number two has killed some of my enthusiasm, but not all of it)
Owly Plush Toy (I bought one of these for my daughter in San Diego... they're great)
Playboy Interviews The Directors TP (Playboy interviews are great, and the list of interviewees is impressive)
Walking Dead #31 (I'm kind of ready for the wrap-up of this current storyline, but that's mostly because Kirkman is really building tension)
Wetworks #1 (Not expecting a great deal here, as I'm not a huge Portacio fan, but... paramilitary dudes in armor vs. horror monsters *is* a great concept)
X-Men First Class #1 (Not a fan of Roger Cruz's art, but the writer is Jeff Parker, who does such a great job on Marvel Adventures: Avengers and Agents of Atlas)

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